Joker Sport allows you to make the contextual exchange or retum of the goods purchased without additional transport costs aside of the buyer. Exchange and retum conditions:

• The goods must not be broken / damaged and in any case must not give signs of wear caused by use.
In the case of materia provided with special packaging ( envelope / box etc.), this packaging must be used to re-insert the goods.
• No more than 30 days must have elapsed from the date of receipt of the goods.
In case of products with supplier labels /tags, they must not be removed or damaged.
If the goods correspond to the regulations indicated above, to carry out the exchange, please contact our Customer at the communicating the references of your order, the items to be changed, the address, date and any time preferences, to make the withdrawal of the goods to be replaced. The courier who will make the change will deliver e will simultaneously collect the garment at the agre ed address.